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Infrastructure Development Department
Infrastructure Development Department

Infrastructure Development Department

Infrastructure Development Department

Administrative and economic unit was founded on September 1, 1950. On August 26, 2011 it was renamed as the administrative and economic office. On 09.05.2014 it was renamed as the Department of operational work. On 10.02.2020 it was renamed as information support and infrastructure development department, renamed to Infrastructure Development Department in 2022.

The main goal of Infrastructure Development Department economic, operational and household (uninterrupted ) support of the University.   As well as development and implementation of action plans for the overhaul and repair, operation of KMU facilities, accidents prevention, observance of the rules of labor protection and safety, maintenance and proper operation of motor vehicles; organization and provision of fire safety of KMU objects. Organization and conduct of work on the improvement of the territory of KMU.

Director of the Infrastructure Development Department is Barkov Dmitry Aleksandrovich..

Staff of the Department:

·  deputy director of economic sector– К.B. Bazhakov;

·  deputy director on construction– К.I. Pichugin;

·  chief specialist - A.M. Mukhanova;

·  specialist – A.V. Kurilova;

·  cost engineer – N.V. Shaimanova;

·  electrical engineer –Е.V. Mukhametov;

·  mechanic – S.N. Korotkov;

·  repair engineer  – N.D. Kasymov;

·  chief of technical-production department - Е.Т.Dyusenbaev;

·  specialist -М.М. Nasenov;

·  construction engineer – S.V. Chebotar;

·  clinical engineer – R.F. Gataullin;

·   manager of garage – E.V. Kuznetsov;

·  manager of the dormitory № 1 – A.S. Akhmerova;

·  manager of the dormitory № 2 – G.T. Ibraeva;

·  manager of the dormitory № 3 – O. S. Kashura;

·  manager of the dormitory № 4 – G. V. Posokhova;

·   manager of the dormitory № 6 – L. I. Rusaleva;

·   manager of the dormitory № 7 – A.F. Listovaya;

·  supervisor of the educational building No. 1, 2, 3 – L.G. Oborok;

·   supervisor of the educational building No. 4 – E.M. Dvurechenskaya;

·   manager of SSHC "Medik" in Karkaralinsk – M.V. Zagert;

·  manager of SSHC "Medik" in Topar – Т.А. Fomina;

·  manager of food service center –S.K. Adylkhanova;

·  head of digitization department – М.Т. Kultenov;

·  head of record management department  – S.S. Komissarova;

·  head of the clinic of the Medical University – S.Z. Moldagaliev;

·  supervisor of the Institute of Public and Professional Health– G.Zh. Satieva.