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Institute of Public Health and Professional Health of "MUK" NC JSC
The scientific-research sanitary-hygienic laboratory of the Institute of Public Health and Professional Health of NC JSC "MUK"

The scientific-research sanitary-hygienic laboratory of the Institute of Public Health and Professional Health of NC JSC "MUK"

The scientific-research sanitary-hygienic laboratory of the Institute of Public Health and Professional Health of NC JSC "MUK"

Scientific-research sanitary-hygienic laboratory was founded in 2007 as an interdepartmental hygiene laboratory. The purpose of creation was the need to ensure the educational process with modern means of measuring industrial and environmental factors and research in the field of industrial hygiene, ecology and environment.

In 2010, the interdepartmental sanitary-hygienic laboratory was reorganized in scientific-research sanitary-hygienic laboratory and included in the Scientific-Research Center of KSMU.

In 2016 the scientific-research sanitary-hygienic laboratory successfully passed the accreditation according to GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2009 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" (Certificate №KZ.T.10.1758 from 07.07.2016).

In 2019, in connection with the reorganization of KSMU into a non-profit joint stock company "Medical University of Karaganda" (NC JSC "MUK"), the scientific-research  sanitary-hygienic laboratory became a structural unit of the Institute of Public Health and Professional Health of NC JSC "MUK".

Also in 2020, an inspection was conducted by the National Accreditation Center LLP regarding the change of the location and the transformation of the laboratory to GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019.

The laboratory is included in the "List of specialized organizations for performance appraisal of labour facilities under working conditions" posted on the official Internet resource of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The primary purpose of the sanitary-hygienic laboratory is:

 • logistic providing of practical trainings with bachelor, master, doctoral students and students of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies.

• conducting fundamental, theoretical and exploratory research on critical issues of hygiene, occupational medicine, ecology;

• logistic providing and scientific support of scientific studies of bachelor, master, doctoral students and teachers of NC JSC "MUK";

• implementation of contract work for the sanitary-hygienic studies on facilities in different sectors of industry;

• certification of industrial facilities on working conditions; 


The main areas of research activity of the laboratory:

•  development of professional health risks of the working population;

•  hygienic studies of chrysotile asbestos production;

•  environmental conditions of industrial regions;

•  physiological studies of the labour process;

•  grant research projects;

•  innovation grants for technology commercialization.

The laboratory is equipped with modern portable digital media measuring devices. There is a modern mobile hygienic laboratory. Highly sensitive measuring units and devices are regularly tested by the state examination and included in the register of measuring instruments and equipment of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During its existence, the laboratory has successfully cooperated with such large industrial enterprises, as:

- JSC «Kostanay Minerals»;

- JSC «KazTransOil»;

- LLP «Nova Zinc»;

- JSC «Shubarkol Komir»;

- JSC «Russian Railways»;

- LLP «Karaganda-Energy centre»;

To date, the laboratory has extensive experience and a lot of positive feedback from major national and foreign companies, for professional, competent performance of work, expanding the boundaries of labor protection and safety at work.

JSC "Kostanay Minerals", 2019:

- The staff of the research sanitary and hygienic laboratory proved to be competent specialists, and the management of JSC "Kostanay Minerals" expresses its gratitude and wishes creative success, further mutual cooperation.

The management of CHPP-1 expresses its gratitude to the employees of KSMA for the conscientiously done work on the certification of production facilities for working conditions.

CHPP-1 of Karaganda Zhylu LLP, 2009.

The management of the Petropavlovsk branch of the SUR thanks the employees of the Karaganda State Medical University, who showed themselves as qualified specialists who know the requirements of the regulatory documents for the certification of workplaces, studied the specifics of work on railway transport, including industry regulations.

Petropavlovsk branch of the SUR, 2011.

  ... The management of Kostanay Minerals JSC expresses its gratitude to the laboratory staff for their long and impeccable work aimed at creating the safety of our enterprise and the entire region. The award for the 1st place in the nomination "Best Labor Protection Service" is the contribution of each employee, engineering and technical personnel and the management of the enterprise with direct participation in successfully implementing programs and recommendations of your specialists.

Kostanay Minerals JSC, 2014.


The staff of scientific-research sanitary-hygienic laboratory:

Zharylkassyn Zhengіsbek, head of laboratory, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor;

Ibrayev Serik, principal research scientist, doctor of medical sciences, professor;

Grebeneva Olga, principal research scientist, MD, associate professor; 

Shadetova Almagul, lead researcher, candidate of medical sciences;

Alexeyev Alexey, researcher, master of medical sciences;

Tilemissov Magzhan, researcher, master of public health;

Rusyaev Mikhail, researcher, master of biology;

Nurlan Gulmaral, research manager, master of technology degree, chemist;

Sabirov Zhanbol, biochemist, PhD-student;

Abitaev Darhan, research manager, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor;

Aleshina Nataly, research manager, master of ecology.

Employees of the research sanitary and hygienic laboratory are engaged in scientific activities, take an active part in competitions for grant funding, national and international scientific and practical conferences, including presentations and publications in foreign publications. Also, the laboratory employees take an active part in the social life of the university, participate in sports day, competitions, contests.


Contact Information:

Head of the laboratory Zharylkassyn Zhengіsbek, PhD, associate professor

Address: Karaganda, 15, Mustafin st., office 117

Tel .: 8 (7212) 51-39-30, ad. 1522.

e-mail: nisgl@qmu.kz;  zharylkassyn@qmu.kz