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Services of the Professional Health Clinic of NAO "MUK"

Services of the Professional Health Clinic of NAO "MUK"

Services of the Professional Health Clinic of NAO "MUK"

• To provide specialized medical care to patients suffering from occupational diseases, a hospital with 60 beds has been deployed in the occupational health clinic of Karaganda.

• Primary health care for the attached population

• Youth Health Center (regardless of the status of attachment)

• Consulting and diagnostic services

• Paid medical services

• Inpatient care

• Examination of the connection of the disease with the profession

• Inpatient rehabilitation of employees (under contracts with the employer in harmful working conditions) 

 Medical examination:

•  For applicants to universities, colleges and for employment (Form 075/y)

•  For traveling abroad (Form 075/y+072/y)

•  To obtain a driver's license (Form 073/y)

•  To carry weapons (Form 108-1/y)

•  For visiting swimming pools

•  For pediculosis

•  According to medical books

•  Preliminary and periodic medical examinations for persons working in harmful and dangerous working conditions

Preferential consulting and diagnostic services:

  pensioners, disabled people of groups I and II, participants of the Second World War and persons equated to them (participants of the war in Afghanistan, etc.) - a discount of 10% of the cost of the service (for all types of advisory and diagnostic services)

  students of the NAO "MUK", residents, undergraduates, doctoral students, employees of the NAO "MUK", - a discount of 20% of the cost of medical services

  orphans studying at NAO "MUK" - consulting and diagnostic services, treatment - free of charge

Mission Development of society, improvement of health and quality of life of the population of Kazakhstan by achieving excellence in science, education, practice.

Vision A world-class research university serving for the benefit of Kazakhstan society.

The motto of our clinics is "Medicine worthy of your trust!"

Our values:

· Patient;

· Reasonableness and professionalism;

· Security;

· Respect for traditions;

· Teamwork and effectiveness;

· Trust and responsibility.

Our values are a set of principles based on which our goal is set, which is based on relationships with patients, between employees, with partners and society as a whole.

Our principles of work:

For patients:

• Perception and involvement of patients and their families as partners in the treatment process with access to information about the nature, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and with assistance to patients in their desire to make decisions affecting their health and well-being;

• sincere desire to help each patient;

• impartiality, truthfulness and sincerity in the provision of medical care;

• striving to meet the expectations of patients and their families.

For employees:

• team interaction of qualified specialists in the provision of medical care;

• active participation of each employee in the work of the clinic, as well as encouragement of personal initiatives;

• strict adherence to the principle of continuity in the treatment of patients;

• constant interest in the professional growth of each employee;

• compliance and development of corporate culture.

For partners:

• continuous striving to provide highly qualified medical services by improving processes that ensure professional skills, quality of service, development of innovative technologies, quality of management;

• continuous monitoring and reporting on services and quality standards, studying patient satisfaction with the quality of services provided.

For society:

• work for the benefit of humanity — preservation and improvement of public health, improvement of quality of life, prevention of diseases;

• support for the communities in which we live and work;

• the desire to change the work of the clinic in response to changing needs of society;

• improvement of the occupational health protection system of the working population to extend the working longevity.