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Information on availability of places in dormitories

Information on availability of places in dormitories

26 February 2024

Dear students of NCJSC “KMU”!

We inform you that in 2023-2024, the processing of applications for relocation from one dormitory to another has been completed.

We inform you about the availability of free places in the dormitories of NCJSC “KMU” for 26/02/2024:

  • Dormitory No. 2 – 24 places, of which: 20 men’s and 4 women’s
  • Dormitory No. 3 – 43 women's places
  • Dormitory No. 4 – 16 places, of which: 2 men’s and 14 women’s
  • Dormitory No. 5 – 4 places, of which: 1 man’s and 3 women’s
  • Dormitory No. 6 - 74 places, of which 42 are for men and 32 for women
  • Dormitory No. 7 - 50 places, of which: 31 are men’s and 19 are women’s

To settle in the dormitory you need to:

  1. Submit an application via AIS Platonus system
  2. Attach the payment receipt.

The cost of living in the dormitories No.2, No.3, No. 4, No. 6, No.7 is 20, 000 tenge for one month, the cost of living in the dormitory No. 5 is 25,000 tenge for one month, and it is also necessary to pay the deposit in an amount of the cost of one month of the selected dormitory, the deposit amount is refunded based on a statement and receipt upon eviction.



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