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Postgraduate education
PhD Program
8D10101 – Nursing Science

1 Field of education 8D10 Health and social security (medicine)
2 Training area 8D101 Healthcare and social security (medicine)
3 group of educational  programs D151 Nursing Science
4 Educational program 8D10101 Nursing Science
5 The objective of the EP to train leaders - scientists, researchers, experts, and teachers in the field of nursing science, for practical work in organizations of education and science in the field of healthcare
6 Competence of graduate Science of nursing. The development of in-depth knowledge in the science of nursing. Generates new ideas based on a critical assessment of existing knowledge in various areas of nursing. Understands the evolving role of academic nursing in professional communities and society. Research in nursing. Management of research teams, capacity building for nursing science, and the preparation of nursing manuals. Competence for independent research in nursing. Professional exchange of scientific information and research results. Registration and submission of applications for funding for nursing research. Training in nursing. Manage the development of nursing training by international standards and competencies. A high level of competence to teaching nursing's pedagogical principles and the desire to apply new technologies in teaching nursing. Ability to independently conduct research in nursing education and use educational networks at the national and international levels. Leadership in nursing care. Proficient in developing strategies for managing and evaluating the quality of nursing. The graduate has deep specialized knowledge in the field of leadership and staff competence development. Proficient in financial management and effective resource management in nursing. Independently conducts and manages scientific research in the field of management in nursing.
7 Type of EP a)  Innovative EP; 
8 National Qualifications Framework level 8
9 Industry qualifications framework level 8
10 Distinctive features Not yet
11 Degree awarded PhD
12 The training period 3 years
13 Loan volume 180
14 Language of instruction Russian; Kazakh; English
15 Date of approval of the OP 09.04.2020
16 Availability of the Appendix to the license for training areas KZ32LAA00016018
17 Availability of accreditation -
18  Field of professional activity administrative and managerial (specialists of healthcare management bodies and administrative and managerial personnel of healthcare organizations); research (employees of scientific organizations); analytical (employees of information and analytical centers); expert Advisory (experts, consultants in healthcare and social security organizations)
19  The object of professional training  organizations of higher and postgraduate education; organizations of science; health management bodies; organizations of health care and social security.