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Symbols of NCJSC «KMU»
Logo of NCJSC «KMU»

Logo of NCJSC «KMU»


Logo of NCJSC «KMU» is made in the shape of an ellipse.

The basic symbols of the logo are:

- Descriptive elements schematically depict the globe as a symbol of peace, harmony, international cooperation in the field of education, science, health.

- The opened book is a symbol of knowledge.

- The bowl with a snake represents healing properties of snake venom is widely used in medicine. The snake symbolizes wisdom, immortality. 

- The ornament made in the national style is a symbol of tradition preservation.

- Number – 1950 is the year of «MUK» NCJSC foundation.

The colors used in the logo are brand colors of the university:

- Purple is the color of individuality.

- White is the color of purity, freedom, perfection.

- Gray is the color of stability and harmony.

- Red is the color of the dynamics, activity and endeavor.

The combination of colors, graphics and images make logo «MUK» NCJSC modern and easy to read.