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Helpful information

18 April 2014
In 16 p.m. of 24 April in 329 room will be «Love poems» party. It is invited all internists of 6,7 courses. №1 Internal diseases department.
Dear students and teachers!
17 April 2014
International Relations and Bologna Process Department announces a contest for students of the 4th year of study for training in Ataturk University, specialty “General medicine”. Duration of training: 1 year. For residents, postgraduates, doctoral students are given the opportunity of learning for the direction of training «Pediatric surgery ", «Cardiology» and «Medical Biochemistry". Duration of training: semester, year.
15 April 2014
Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education announces that from the period of 04 till 29 August 2014 in Vienna will be held the summer courses for the knowledge of Austrian people and the German language. The payment for the courses is from 720 euros to 2,400 euros.
Dear teachers and students of Karaganda State Medical University!
14 April 2014
Department for Educational Work and Youth Policy invites you on beauty competition “Miss of Karaganda State Medical University - 2014”, April 24, 2014,
Dear workers and students!
08 April 2014
Scientific-research center «Youth» in conjunction with the site of the newspaper «Info-tses» invites you to take part in the contest «Myths and legends of Astana», which runs until the 6 of June, 2014. According to the results of the contest it will be published the guide-book «Myths and legends of Astana» and the sociological studies will be conducted based on the works of the contest, questionnaires, expert interviews. The presentation of the guide-book will take place on the 6 of July, on th
04 April 2014
Dear students! Classes on discipline «Otolaringology»
04 April 2014
International Relations and Bologna Process Department begins an admission of applications of students of the 6th and 7th years of study for training in National Taiwan University at September 2014, college of medicine for the following electives
Dear workers and students!
02 April 2014
We inform you that from 1/03/2014 till1/05/2014 there is the open access to the electronic library systems «Doctor's Consultant» (http://www.studentlibrary.ru/) and «Student's Consultant» (http://www.studmedlib.ru ) on the site www.geotar.ru for the decision about subscribing to these resources.
Access to the Elsevier Clinical Learning
02 April 2014
Dear teacher and students! Karaganda State Medical University received full access to the electronic resource Elsevier Clinical Learning (digital resource on clinical teaching of medical university’s student).
Master class on the foundations of biomedical statistics of Professor Grzhibovskiy А. М. (Norway) (19-23 May of 2014 y.)
02 April 2014
In the present time, methods of statistics processing are applied in more than 95% of scientific papers, in famous foreign biomedical magazines. In Kazakhstan’s editions the part of multidimensional methods is very small, but univariate methods are used sometimes not correctly.
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