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The harmony of international cooperation and education
15 April 2014
Today the program of the academic mobility is one of the priority directions of the international activity in our university. Therefore when the university was suggested to participate in this program at the Medical University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), we are the 4th year students of the Faculty of Dentistry, agreed with pleasure.
Innovative applicants
15 April 2014
Three teachers from Karaganda state medical university were among the winners at the end of the Republican contest. Awarding ceremony with the participation of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aslan Sarinzhipov held recently in Almaty.
Competition on the German language knowlege
11 April 2014
On 5th April,2014 , the Department of Foreign Languages ​​held the first round of the Olympiad on the German language knowlege , which was attended by all interested students of the first and second courses. The first round was selected tour and it held in the form of testing. According to the results, 15 students passed to second round.
Nauryz at “Emergency medicine”
10 April 2014
Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays in the world. This holiday is celebrated for more than 5 thousand years bythe peoples of Central Asia and some eastern Slavs as a like celebration of spring and the renewal of nature.
08 April 2014
The 1-st yearstudent of KSMU of Medical College Useynbek Aygerim - champion of Kazakhstan onkarate won the silver medal in the world championship in Aktau.
«Prevention of influence of extremism currents»
08 April 2014
On April 2, 2014 year the next meeting of students with representative of republican information and propaganda group at Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan was held in KSMU for explanation of some questions of religion.
Open lesson on the Kazakh language
07 April 2014
On 28/03/14. an open lesson on the Kazakh language in the group 1-117 foreign department was held by the teacher of Kazakh language A.A.Botabek. The title of the topic was - «Қалау райдың болымсыз түрі. Адамның дене мүшелері».
Interdisciplinary approach do student's scientific circle carrying out
07 April 2014
On 02.04.2013 year , on the basis of Karaganda city maternity hospital a meeting of interdisciplinary student scientific circle ( SSC ) with the participation of the department of internal diseases № 2 and Obstetrics and Gynecology was held. There first results of a collaborative student research project " Prediction and assessment of risk factors somatic status of women with intrauterine fetal development " have been reported , whose aim was the integration of scientific knowledge in the field
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