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A cycle of classes for students in Dushanbe
01 March 2022
Since 13.02 to 20.02.2022 within the framework of pedagogical mobility a cycle of classes for the 4th year students of medical faculty was carried out by professor of School of Public Health and Biomedicine, D.B. Kulov, at the Department of Public Health and Medical Statistics with the Course of History of Medicine of State Educational Institution "Tajik State Medical University named after Abu Ali ibn Sino" (Dushanbe).
Weekend ski trip
22 February 2022
Ski trip to the steppe took place on Saturday February 12, 2022 despite the strong wind and snowstorm.
Memorial Day
21 February 2022
On February 15, the countries of the former Soviet Union celebrate Afghanistan Withdrawal Day. Soviet soldiers in the DRA resisted the advance of international terrorism and drug trafficking to the borders of the then common country. Today, 33 years later, it is a day of mourning and remembrance of all fallen soldiers-internationalists and a holiday of Afghan veterans.
Job fair
15 February 2022
For the period since 02/07/2022 to 02/09/2022, the School of Medicine of "MUK" NJSC in alliance with the Karaganda Region Healthcare Center have organized an online job fair for graduates of medical organizations in the Karaganda region.
The winners of the creative competition
13 January 2022
Republican distance creative competition «My Motherland - The Independent Kazakhstan» was held on December. The event was organized by the scientific and methodological center «ZIAT». Students of the T&PE level of the School of Nursing Education have taken the 1st place.
Table tennis
11 January 2022
Annually, competitions on table tennis are held in Karaganda within the frame of Students’ league. The period of competition is from November to December, they are held every Saturday and Sunday.
January 10 - Day of national mourning in the Republic of Kazakhstan
10 January 2022
The team of the Medical University of Karaganda expresses deep condolences to the families and friends of those who died as a result of the tragedy in the country.
Celebrating the upcoming new year together with the activists of the School of Medicine
31 December 2021
On the eve of the most beautiful and magical holiday, CSSG together with the staff of the School of Medicine, continued the good tradition of congratulating active students of the school on the New Year!
Athletics Tournament
30 December 2021
In the track and field arena of Karaganda on December 25-26, 2021, a tournament in memory of the coaches of the Karaganda region in track and field athletics was held.
Discussed priority areas of rehabilitation and balneology
30 December 2021
On December 9-10, 2021, the National Center for Children's Rehabilitation of the UMC Corporate Foundation, NGO "Association of balneologists and rehabilitologists" organized the VIII Republican Scientific and Practical conference "Priority areas of rehabilitation and balneology", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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