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December the 1 st - World AIDS Day

December the 1 st - World AIDS Day

06 December 2018

A round table on HIV prevention was held at the Department of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of the "Epidemiology" discipline with the students of 3001 and 3003 groups of the "Public Health" specialty a round table on HIV prevention was held. The teachers of the discipline and students participated in it.

A film about the epidemiological situation of HIV infection, about the sources, ways and factors of transmission, preventive measures and diagnostics was shown. Students took an active part, asked questions to which they received exhaustive answers. It was very positive, interesting, fun and informative. Students were able to master the preparatory material and deepen their knowledge of HIV infection. With the preventive purpose of HIV infection, all those present were given brochures and notebooks.



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