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Learning to manage things

Learning to manage things

04 March 2019

International trainers of the KazMSA Student Medical Association of KMU conducted a training at the Medical University of Karaganda. Kabdulina Kymbat told about how to properly use human resources that determine our ability to a particular field of activity. The theme of Ganiyeva Aizhan was NMO Management. She shared how to distribute affairs correctly, draw up a plan of your actions, how to delegate and manage a large number of people. The third speaker, Kabykay Yernur, taught those present how to build the right action strategy in order to become a successful specialist and a strong leader in the future.

The training was held not in the form of a lecture, where there is a speaker in the - stands, and the audience - at their desks. All those present had the opportunity to interact with each other, work in teams, present their ideas to the audience.

Al'mira Temirkhan



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