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Focus group studies the problems of nursing development

Focus group studies the problems of nursing development

13 March 2019

In 2018-2019 academic year undergraduates of the 1st course of "Nursingcare" specialty chose elective "Organizational behavior", which is studied in the spring semester of 2018-2019 academic year. Familiar with the research, conducted in focus groups, students did not have the skill of conducting and simple participation in focus groups before the start of training.

  The work began with the selection of focus issues on the modernization of nursing in health care in Kazakhstan and the modernization of nursing education. Undergraduate and graduate students of nursing know firsthand about the Road maps, the Kazakh-Finnish project of reforming nursing. The students approached this task seriously, after analyzing the recommended teacher L.L. Matsievskaya guide S.A.  Belanovskiy  «Method focus groups” (1996).

  A multidisciplinary audience was chosen - teachers of the Department of Nursing and doctors-teachers of the Department of Medical Psychology and Communication Skills, teaching students of this specialty various compulsory subjects and electives in bachelor's and master's degrees.

  There was an interesting conversation. Motivated opinions were expressed based on the experience of specialists working in the field of nursing development who believe that the country is not yet fully prepared for fundamental changes and the transition to a new platform of nursing with new nursing functions. There were interesting proposals that the leading focus groups-undergraduates 101 nursing groups decided to issue in the form of abstracts and presentations for the upcoming student conference in April. Received experience by undergraduates N.D. Kozyrovoj, A.N. Zhanibek, T.A. Tusupova will help them in their practical and educational activities to apply the skills of management and leadership in the organization in which they will continue to work. They will succeed!

Head of the department of  medical psychology

and communication skills

 Matsiyevskaya L.L.



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