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Наурыз мейрамы

Наурыз мейрамы

20 March 2019

A concert «Наурыз мейрамы» was held at the Russian language department, dedicated to the spring awakening holiday. The event was attended by first year students. The students of the specialty “Technology of pharmaceutical production” Anuarova Nurai and Savridinov Otabek opened the concert. They told about the traditions of this wonderful, beloved holiday.

The spectators were able to test their knowledge about the holiday Nauryz in an interactive quiz. It was organized by the students of the specialty "General Medicine" Umbetulla Bakhytzhan and Akmadil Aldiyar. Kazakh dance performance by students was vivid. Saginbayeva Aruzhan and Kenzhebai Arman congratulated those present with traditional kyuis. And Kuanyshuly Tamerlan sang a song of V. Tsoi "Кукушка". Godara Anisha wished happy Nauryz on behalf of foreign students (GM group 1-005a). The concert ended with the song “Наурыз думан” performed by Nazerke Atzhanova (group GM 1-019), which the whole hall sang along.



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