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Welcome, Nauryz!

Welcome, Nauryz!

27 March 2019

Nauryz is the main holiday of the year among Turk and Iranian nations that has already been celebrated for over five thousand years. Nauryz is the celebration of spring, renewal of nature, beginning of a new year and a new life.

On the eve of this holiday, the No. 2 Department of Internal diseases conducted the concert at the Karaganda Regional Hospital. The interns of 6th course and bachelor students of 4th course of the School of Medicine participated in the organization of the celebration. The festively decorated hall and congratulations brought the good mood to everyone who entered the hall.

The solemn ceremony started with the welcoming speech of the professor L.G. Turgunova.

Songs and dances, kui on dombra, national traditions were presented for the patients of the hospital.

The whole event was held in a friendly, cheerful and heartwarming atmosphere.

No. 2 Department of Internal Diseases 



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