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The contest of beauty, talent and grace

The contest of beauty, talent and grace

02 May 2019

On April 28, the annual beauty contest, talent and grace "Miss and Mister Medical University of Karaganda - 2019" was held at the Regional Drama Theater named after K.S.Stanislavsky.

This year, more than 40 university students participated in the qualifying stage. 13 of them reached the final.

In the “Greeting”, future doctors told about themselves, their plans and dreams, their hobbies, presenting their life credo in an unusual way. In the next contest, the participants showed their erudition by answering questions from the presenters. Without any doubt, the creative competition has become the most original. Participants danced oriental dances, hip-hop and played musical instruments. However there were the defile in evening dresses provided by the sponsors of the competition. Original hairstyles and luxurious dresses made every participant irresistible, feminine and attractive. The competition was evaluated by a competent jury. Vocal and dance performances of creative groups of our university were held between competitions.

Opinions were different because of the participants deserved the title of winner. After long discussions, the title of “Miss MUK-2019” was awarded to a second-year student of the Faculty of Pharmacy Tuimebayeva Zhansulu. The title “Mr. MUK-2019” was won by a first-year student of the School of Medicine  Lukashev Kirill.

The title of "Vice-Miss MUK-2019" was awarded to the 2nd year student of the School of Medicine Baymenova Arua.

“The vice-mister MUK-2019” was a first-year student of the faculty “Technology of Pharmaceutical Production” Tamirlan Kuanyshuly.

Representatives of the management of our university and the sponsors of the competition congratulated all the participants on their well-deserved victories and presented memorable prizes.

The evening ended with congratulations and a general photo for memory.



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