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Tirelessly teaches mastery

Tirelessly teaches mastery

08 May 2019

May 10 Maida Tussupbekova, professor at the Department of Pathology of Karaganda Medical University, celebrates her 70th birthday!

Her beauty of the soul, attractive energy, care and readiness to tirelessly transfer her skills to her colleagues and students, to introduce everything new and advanced to science and practical public health who know and have the good fortune to work in a team and learn from Maida Maskhapovna. Her colleagues really learn her skills, she is respected for her high professionalism, constantly striving to improve the learning process. Maida Maskhapovna, a strict and demanding, students especially appreciate and love.

This year for the charming hero of the occasion is very rich in dates. She has been working successfully at Karaganda Medical University for 45 years. The academic title of a professor justifies with honor for 20 years. More M.M. Tussupbekova - the owner of an unlimited certificate «doctor-pathologist of the highest category». Professors are known not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Russia, London, Italy and other countries.

The staff of the Karaganda Medical University - staff, teachers, grateful students and students heartily congratulate Maida Maskhapovna on her jubilee, wish her good health, inexhaustible optimism, and creative achievements in a very interesting and fascinating pedagogical process of training highly qualified doctors.



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