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Next success of the Olympiad

Next success of the Olympiad

23 May 2019

On May 14-17 in Almaty, namely at the Kazakh National Medical University of S.D. Asfendiyarov, there studied the I International student's Olympic Games "CAOSalmaty" - 2019 in surgery and morphology. The Karaganda medical university was represented by students: Kurvanaliyev Nagy, Ivachyov Pavel, Abdumutalov Nurdaulet, Salykov Erkebulan, Arkinzhanov Kamaldin, Zhumanbayev Sanjar, Urazbayev Nurlan, Sakhbayev Baghlan, Shestakov Dmitry, Konysbekov Kayyrbek.

Our team was prepared by teachers of department of surgical diseases No. 2 under the leadership of the manager, professor, MD E.M. Turgunov (professor also headed our group of students during the trip to Almaty) on the basis of the Center of practical skills of KMU under the leadership of the director, PhDs in Medicine., associate professor G.S. Kemelova.

The program of the Olympic Games was very saturated: participants not only competed in competitions on knowledge of the theory of surgery and pathological anatomy, but also practical tasks such as diagnostic laparoscopy (on a rabbit), intrakorporalny coordination of hands, vascular, intestinal, parenchymatous, tendinous seams, plasticity of skin defect. Worked in the different directions of surgery: plastic, abdominal - open and laparoscopic, cardiovascular, traumatology and others.

All guests from Kazakhstan, and except us there arrived also representatives of the medical universities of Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, heat was accepted in KAZNMU a name of S.D. Asfendiyarov, conducted a tour on the university and the main attractions of this beautiful city. The atmosphere of friendship and feeling of participation in common cause reigned among participants – future surgeons.

Following the results of the Olympic Games the TORMENTS team took prizes:

3 all-command place;

1 place – in a competition "Eponima of surgeons in anatomic terms": Kurvanaliyev Nagy, Urazbayev Nurlan;

2 place – in the competition "Intrakorporalnaya Coordination of Hands": Abdumutalov of Nurdaulet, Sakhbayev Baghlan, Shestakov Dmitry, Urazbayev Nurlan;

3 place – in the competition "Tendinous Seam": Zhumanbayev Sanjar, Ivachyov Pavel. 

The team continues trainings on the basis of the Center of practical skills and department of surgical diseases No. 2, preparing for the forthcoming Olympic Games on surgery next academic year.



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