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Being a member of the Voluntary Student Squad

Being a member of the Voluntary Student Squad

23 May 2019

On 2012, Operational youth squad - voluntary student brigade began its work at the university.

  The formation of a new structure at the university was initiated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of July 9, 2004 “On the participation of citizens in ensuring public order”.

   From the first days the Voluntary Student Squad declared itself as the main support at all events and celebrations held at the university. Strictly dressed guys with a badge "Voluntary Student Squad" on the chest can be seen wherever you need fast and well-organized help.

   It’s very prestigious and to be a member of VSS, and it’s not easy to become one. All candidates for admission undergo a thorough interview and a comprehensive selection. Practice shows that participation in the squad's work has a positive effect on students: it teaches them to be more responsible and disciplined, and not to be indifferent to the disturbance of public order.

At the organizational meeting, a student of the School of Medicine Kurvanaliev Nagy was unanimously elected as a squad leader. The commander of the VSS said the following about his unit:  “Today, 50 volunteers are in the squad. In addition to participating in official events, participants maintain order in hostels and other university facilities, and also take an active part in volunteer work. All participants are actively involved in sports, most guys have ranks in various sports”. Note that Nagy received a bachelor’s degree with honors and is a multiple winner of international surgery olympics.

   The curator of the operational squad is the assistant to the rector M.K. Kaliev. «Participation in VSS unites guys into one team, and students of different courses and faculties into one big family. Regular participation in law enforcement activities helps guys become more self-confident, teaches them not to be afraid of difficulties and always come to the rescue in difficult times. Excellent physical training, self-control and discipline are the distinguishing features of each VSS member»,- said Mukhtar Kalievich.

  The voluntary Student Squad of the Medical University of Karaganda is an opportunity to actually demonstrate their active citizenship, help create a safe and comfortable environment in which we all would like to live.

  The Youth Affairs Department



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