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On the innovative potential of nursing

On the innovative potential of nursing

28 May 2019

On May 23-24, in Nur-Sultan, the Nazarbayev University School of Medicine hosted an international conference on “Development of nursing in Kazakhstan through the strengthening of institutional cooperation” within the framework of the project “ProInCa - Promoting the innovative potential of higher education in the field of nursing in health care reform”. The conference was attended by over one hundred representatives of universities, higher medical colleges. Representatives of the RCHD, the Ministry of Health, the international nursing associations and foreign project partners from Finland, the Netherlands and Slovenia also participated.

From the Medical University of Karaganda, members of the working package of the project, Advisor to the Rector V.B. Molotov-Luchansky, teacher of the department of nursing, I. B. Meyermanova, a doctoral student of the “Public Health” specialty A.R. Aytmagambetov, master’s degree program student in “Public Health” specialty Z.M. Kuanysh.

The conference presented the prospects for the development of the innovative potential of medical universities of Kazakhstan in nursing, the experience of the international nursing associations in the development of nursing, best international practices in nursing research, evidence-based nursing practice.

Z.M. Kuanysh Master’s degree student

Specialty "Public Health"



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