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Expand cooperation with the University of Poitiers (France)

Expand cooperation with the University of Poitiers (France)

28 June 2019

From 25 to 28 June 2019, Professors of the University of Poitiers (France) Paul Seite, Brigitte Vannier and Thierry Berges visited the Medical University of Karaganda.

The main purpose of the visit was a meeting with the students of PhD programs at the MUK: D. Okasov (PhD student of the specialty of “Technology of pharmaceutical production”), D. Amanova (PhD student of the specialty of “Medicine”) and their supervisors Е.М. Turgunov and S.A. Ivasenko to discuss research and further work planning.

Also within 2 days, the French colleagues took part in a meeting to discuss the development of a joint educational program of a double master's degree in Biology with guidance and faculty members of the MUK. At the meeting there were presented the main directions of the master degree, educational programs at the University of Poitiers and “MUK” NJSC, and the structure of the future joint educational program was discussed.

For information, Karaganda Medical University has been actively cooperating with the University of Poitiers since 2014. Collaboration with Professor Paul Seite and Brigitte Vannier began in 2016, as part of the Erasmus Mundus CASEU project. During this period, in the Department of Biology of the University of Poitiers, one master degree student in the specialty “Biology” Erubai Aidana studied, one PhD student Okassov Didar is studying in frame of the Abay-Vern programme, also there were completed a 10-day internship by the three master degree students of the "Biology" specialty and five professors completed scientific internship on the methods of molecular biology and bioinformatics. In 2018, during one month Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics and Biostatistics Marina Sorokina and Associate Professor of the Department of Biological Chemistry Evgenia Kolesnikova underwent scientific training in Bioinformatics.

In addition, Professor Paul Seite and Professor Brigitte Vannier repeatedly visited Karaganda Medical University with lectures, seminars and master classes in biology, genetics, and bioinformatics.

We hope for further fruitful cooperation with the University of Poitiers!



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