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Congress of the National Association for the Stroke prevention

Congress of the National Association for the Stroke prevention

05 July 2019

On June 15-19, 2019, the 4th Congress of the National Association for the Stroke prevention was successfully held in St. Petersburg. Leading domestic and foreign neurologists, members of the Presidium and Board of the National Association for the Stroke Prevention, about 4 thousand delegates and guests from Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as Europe, North America, Australia and other regions of the world participated in the Congress. Along with neurologists, the forum was attended by doctors of related disciplines (neurosurgeons, resuscitation specialists, general practitioners, cardiologists, vascular surgeons, rehabilitation therapists, clinical pharmacologists, psychiatrists), as well as medical and biological specialists - biologists, genetics, biochemists, neuromorphologists, pharmacologists, physiologists, immunologists.

Special attention at the Congress was paid to the introduction of new medical and invasive technologies into clinical practice, as well as organizational, pharmacoeconomic and legal aspects of providing medical care for neurological patients, basic research on diseases of the nervous system, in particular the molecular mechanisms of damage and restoration of the nervous system, genetic, biochemical and pathophysiological mechanisms of neurological diseases. The last day of the Congress was held on the basis of clinics, including on the basis of the St. Petersburg Research Institute named after I.I. Janelidze, where delegates took part in a virtual program on tactics and case management of patients in the first 72 hours of a stroke.



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