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The meeting of the KMU Dissertation Committee

The meeting of the KMU Dissertation Committee

11 July 2019

On June 28, 2019 the meeting of the Dissertation Commitee was held in the university. On the agenda was the thesis defense for getting the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)of Ozhmukhametova Elvira Kelgembaevna on the 6D110100 - «Medicine» specialty on the topic: «Development of new mucoadhesive dosage forms for treatment of eye pathologies (experimental research)». The dissertation work is made at the «Semey Medical University» (NCJSC).

Scientific advisers: Mussin Marat Nukenovich – Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Semey, Kazakhstan; Mukhambetov Damir Dauletkalievich –Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of general and clinical pharmacology department, «Astana Medical University» non-commercial joint-stock company (NCJSC), Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan; Khutoryanskiy Vitaliy Viktorovich – Dr. PhD, Full-professor of Pharmacy school of Reding university, United Kingdom.

Congratulations on successful defense!!!



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