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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

14 October 2019

The Department of Medical Psychology and Communication Skills annually celebrates World Mental Health Day;in 2019 it was dedicated to the important issue of suicide prevention.

On October 10, 2019, a scientific and practical conference was held in the central building of the Medical University of Karaganda, in which students of the 2nd-5th yearstook part in the conference with thematic reports. The reports of second-year foreign students — Sachin Yadav, Yadav Amit Kumar, Singh Shweta, Deepak Sharma — aroused great interest in their speeches, which highlighted the social and cultural aspects of suicidology in India and other countries of the East Asian region.

The 5th year students of the specialty “General Medicine” spoke about the development and successes of suicide prevention in Kazakhstan: in English - Mariyam Akhmetova, in Kazakh - Myrzagali Yerzhan.

  The conference participants gave each other a massage under the comic nursery rhyme "Rails-rails, sleepers, sleepers ...» The second-year studentof the group 1002Gusenko Daniel became a real sculptor for 15 minutes, who directed the creation of the symbolic “Sculpture of Life”, students have also became structural elements of this sculpture. Issues of professional psychological assistance to students and self-and mutual assistance have been discussed at the conference. Active participants of the conference at the end of the event were awarded with diplomas of the department.



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