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Successful academic exchange

Successful academic exchange

10 December 2019

In the period of 11th and 23rd of November 2019 the teacher of the department pharmaceutical disciplines and chemistry A. B. Kopzhasarova have been working in the international kazakh-turkish university named after Кhoja Аhmed Yasawi in the department of laboratory disciplines.

The Akhmet Yassawi University is high educational institution, which is located in the Turkestan city. The highly professional composition of teachers and professors work there, by whom A. B. Kopzhasarova was happy to meet, discussed and worked productively.

The composition of the department of laboratory disciplines headed by Associate Professor G.K. Aibolova provided great conditions for A. B. Kopzhasarova, which ensured opportunities to her effectively works with students.

During the study process practical and laboratory lessons works had been done by the 1st years students of medical and dental faculties from the specialty of «6В10155-General medicine» and «6В10156-Stomatology». Practical lessons were held byanalysis of complex chemical reactions, while laboratory lessons were held by qualitative analysis of amino acids and carbohydrates.

The program of academic exchange gives unique opportunities, to share pedagogical experience and get new one, as well as communicate and develop cooperation with colleagues from different universities.



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