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«Philosophy and Consciousness»

24 December 2019

In honor of the celebration of the 28th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, under the state program “Рухани Жаңғыру” at the History of Kazakhstan and social-political disciplines’ department was organized students conference. The given conferencewas held in English language among the 2nd year students of the international medical faculty, and among students from multilingual groups 2001, 2002, 2025. The topic of the conference is devoted to the philosophical problem "Consciousness and national identity."

Students Raiymbek Ulday, Zhumageldikyzy Inabat, Berikbay Gaziz, Zhashkeev Sanzhar prepared reports that attracted a lot of interest and discussion among international students. At the end of the conference, speakers and active students were awarded with diplomas and pleasant gifts.

The conference was held by the assistant-professor Galina Galiya Fanilyevna.

Assistant-professor Galina Galiya Fanilyevna.

History of Kazakhstan and social-political disciplines’ department



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