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New Year's trip to the "stations" of the winter session

New Year's trip to the "stations" of the winter session

10 January 2020

On the eve of the main holiday of the year, students of the school of medicine plunged into the fabulous atmosphere of the New Year, the most active students, together with the dean of the medicine school, organized the New Year's program: contests, quizzes, games, receptions.

The purpose of this event was to congratulate students on the upcoming New Year, rallying and developing spiritual values.

Thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of students, it was possible to make an exciting journey through the "stations" of the winter session, making examination "stops" at the departments of the university. Why winter? Because this is the best session - so it coincides with the New Year!

At the end of the event, employees of the dean’s office and students sang a song under the authorship of Deputy Dean for Social Work Elubaeva Maral

The warm and sincere mood of students and staff of the school of medicine maintained throughout the evening and contributed to raising the mood, unleashing the creative abilities of students.

At the evening, the results of the outgoing year were summed up: students who actively worked throughout the year, showed creative initiative and participated in organizing and conducting various events, were awarded letters of thanks by the Dean of the School of Medicine, MD, Professor M. Gazaliyeva

The state made up of his personality. One of the main tasks of the university is the formation and development of the personality of the student as a citizen and professional working for the good of his country and people. These events contribute to the formation of communication skills among students, the ability to work in a team, and the understanding of the significance of their future profession.

The School of Medicine plans that in the future the New Year events for students will become a good tradition and hopes for further fruitful work of students in the new 2020!



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