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Open lecture "Decoding ECG"

Open lecture "Decoding ECG"

26 February 2020

On February 22, a large lecture hall on electrocardiography was held at the Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies. The topic was chosen taking into account the wishes of students who had practical difficulties in practicing the skill "Decoding ECG". A lecture for everyone was held by the trainer of practical skills of CSET Shmakov Alexander Sergeevich. The lecture was attended by more than 70 students from different specialties and courses, of which more than 50 people were 5 year students. Among the students were residents of the specialty Pulmonology and Psychiatry. The main sections of the topic "Decoding ECG" corresponded to the following questions that are usually asked by the student:

  When is ECG diagnostics prescribed?

  How to decipher the diagram of the heart?

  What are the ECG norms for adults and children?

  What is a pathology in the heart?

  How to make an appointment with a cardiologist?

  What equipment is used to take an ECG in real practice?

  The benefits of ECG on simulators.

CSET staff and students of Medical University of Karaganda express their gratitude and appreciation to Alexander Sergeyevich for the excellent and accessible lecture material and hope that such lectures will become permanent. At the end of the lecture, some students noted that this lecture helped them better understand and improve their previous knowledge of ECG.

Next Saturday (February 29, 2020) a lecture on "Arrhythmias" is planned, where heart pathologies by ECG will also be analyzed in detail. Lecturer: Alexander Sergeyevich Shmakov, practical skills trainer of CSET

We are waiting for all students and interested persons!



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