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A group of Chinese specialists visited the university’s laboratory

A group of Chinese specialists visited the university’s laboratory

17 April 2020

On April 17, in accordance with the visiting program , a delegation of doctors from China visited the molecular genetic laboratory of the Medical University of Karaganda. This laboratory was created by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and carries out major fundamental and applied scientific research. 

During the visit, Chinese colleagues got acquainted with the equipment and capabilities of the laboratory. Vice-rector of the Medical University Turmukhambetova A.A. and Director of the Research Center Babenko D.B. presented the main scientific projects of the university, the results, achievements and publications of the laboratory staff. 

The guests became interested in research in the field of molecular genetic epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance, detection of genetic and protein markers of diseases, the possibilities of pharmacokinetic studies and therapeutic monitoring.
The issues of financing research, state support of researchers, in particular young scientists, the possibility of scientific exchange and internships were discussed. 

Dr. Lu Chen and colleagues praised the scientific achievements of the university, noted the high level and prospects of research. In their opinion, studies conducted at the university are important in science and they need to be expanded and carried out comprehensively. 

Given the unique infrastructure of the laboratory and the automation of processes, the experience of employees, colleagues believe that the laboratory should be used in COVID-19 research. The most promising areas, according to Dr. Lu Chen, are work on typing the coronovirus strains, studying the immunomarkers of the disease to understand the mechanisms of infection and determining the severity. He emphasized that using the potential of the university’s laboratory opens up important prospects for studying the nature of COVID-19, the types of immune response and predicting the behavior of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. 

Chinese colleagues wished success in the development of the university and its unique laboratory.



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