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About COVID-19 Patient Care Workshop

About COVID-19 Patient Care Workshop

23 April 2020

The fourth day of the Chinese delegation’s work in Karaganda began with an online training on patient care COVID-19. Moderator of the meeting Professor B.N. Kosherova emphasized that the issues of caring for patients with a respiratory infection caused by the SARS_Cov-2 virus are quite new for us, so the experience of our Chinese colleagues will be very useful. 

The moderator gave the floor to the delegation member Yu Yansya, head nurse of the central hospital of the Ili-Kazakh Autonomous District. She began her speech with questions of infection control and ensuring the anti-epidemic regime in medical organizations. Once again, attention was focused on the strict implementation of zoning rules in hospitals and clinics.

Disinfection should be carried out strictly on schedule. Disinfectants of physical properties with high antiviral efficacy have proven themselves to be ultraviolet air irradiation (so-called quartzization) and plasma air recirculators. The latter can work around the clock in the presence of patients and staff, while quartz lamps should be switched on in the absence of people in the room.

The speaker pointed out in detail the issues of using disinfectant solutions, dosing of active chlorine in various cases for the purpose of disinfecting care items, furniture, floors and walls in wards and corridors of a medical institution. For example, for routine indoor disinfection, a solution is used in which 1000 mg of the substance (in terms of active chlorine) should be dissolved in a liter of water. Such cleaning should be carried out at least three times a day, each lasting at least 30 minutes. 

In Chinese medical organizations working with patients with COVID-19, and in pharmacies, the disinfection regimen is strictly observed in accordance with the algorithms of guidelines that have the force of law. They define a sequence of actions, including steps for processing objects, surfaces in the mandatory direction from cleaner to more pollute. Particular attention is paid to the collection and storage of waste materials, work wear, napkins, etc. 

A separate instruction prescribes how to handle the bodies of the dead from COVID-19. In China, after appropriate treatment, the bodies are cremated.

After discharge of patients, final disinfection are to be made for chambers, elevators, clothes, and reusable items. Processing takes at least one hour. It should be noted that patients return their personal belongings (keys, telephones, payment cards) only after disinfection.

The head nurse spoke about the rules developed in China for a three-level gradation of personal protection of medical workers depending on the contingent of patients with whom they have to contact.
Senior and chief nurses should pay attention to the somatic health and psychological hygiene of medical staff. Make sure that team members have a good rest and eat.

Quite a lot of questions were asked, taking account that more than 400 health workers participated in the online training, as moderator B.N. Kosherova said. The next article will be devoted to them.



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