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For the good of society

For the good of society

26 September 2020

Karaganda medical university students’ projects are famous not only in Kazakhstan but abroad. Soft exoskeleton, harnesses, walking sticks for visually impaired people, mobile lifts - this is a small part of the social projects made by the medical students that help and improve the life of society. And now, we will talk again about rehabilitation and contribution of our students to the progress of this process.

  This summer was very productive for the resident of the specialty "Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation" - Korobeinikov Timur and master's student Ivachev Pavel. They have designed and manufactured a new model of rehabilitation equipment - a mobile lift for lifting and moving patients. The lift is operated by one person and is designed to lift patients from a bed, chair and wheelchair. Due to the low base, the lift easily drives up to the bed or furniture (the base of the lift drives under its elements). Suspension made of waterproof material allows you to lift, move the patient and carry out hygiene procedures with the patient without tension in the lower back. The design is simple and does not require special skills for correct operation.  These students received an order for the new construction from the "Grace" nursing home and today the staff of the institution is successfully using a new sample of this technique.

  These projects are included to the “Ecosystems of students’ entrepreneurship base and the youth inventors are successful residents of the ecosystem.



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