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December the 1st -the World AIDS Day

December the 1st -the World AIDS Day

03 December 2020

In 1998, the world health organization declared December the 1st as the World AIDS Day. One of the main directions of the state policy on HIV/AIDS in Kazakhstan is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this disease. In this regard, every year from November the 10th  to December the 10th  our country hosts events dedicated to the World AIDS Day. Open days are held in medical institutions for the general population, where those who wish to receive consultations from various specialists: epidemiologists, psychologists, narcologists, venereologists.

Under the slogan "I support HIV prevention!" a round table was held in the Karaganda regional center for AIDS prevention and control for 4th-year students of the specialty «General medicine» of group 4-035 by assistant of the department of internal diseases Abuova Gaziza Temiralievna together with specialists of the center. Topical issues of epidemiology and prevention of HIV / AIDS, ways of transmission of the disease were discussed; statistical data on the prevalence of HIV / AIDS in the Karaganda region were studied, and the results of information and propaganda work among the population were reported and analyzed.

«For effective control the epidemic in the country and significantly reduce the growth rate of HIV infection as a threat to public health, it is necessary to conduct such measures», says Manen Arai Askarovna, an epidemiologist at the Karaganda regional center for AIDS prevention and control.

Despite the fact that AIDS is an incurable disease, you can protect yourself from this disease if you take an annual HIV test as a preventive measure. An employee of the epidemiological department of the regional center Tusipova Muldir Maratkyzy told students that these tests can be taken free of charge in clinics at the place of residence or at the place of attachment. She noted that it is worth developing the habit of taking an HIV test once a year.

During the meeting, students asked various questions, brochures and masks were distributed.



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