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"Prospects for the development of biology, medicine and pharmacy"

"Prospects for the development of biology, medicine and pharmacy"

05 January 2021

On December 10-11, the VII international scientific conference of young scientists and students "Prospects for the development of biology, medicine and pharmacy", organized by the Nursultan Nazarbayev Foundation and the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, was held in online mode.

During the conference, the most relevant areas of modern research were discussed, as well as the ways of their further development in accordance with the strategic directions outlined by N.A. Nazarbayev.

The conference was attended by representatives of SSS General medicine:
the 3rd year student Raibaev Adilet Kumarbekuly in the section "Innovations in medicine: from theory to practice", topic of the report: The effect of polymetallic dust on experimental animals as a stressful and carcinogenic factor.
The 1st year student Shegebaev Adilet and the 2nd year student Amangeldi Aruzhan in the section "Theoretical biomedicine and biology", topic of the report: According to some evidence, anosmia is similar to the symptoms of coronavirus infection. How true is this? ".

The 2nd year students Karibekova Aidana and Adilbek Ayaulym in the section "Theoretical biomedicine and biology", topic of the report: Is there any benefit from transfusion of convalescent plasma in the treatment of people with coronavirus infection?
The 4th year student Amankul Aruzhan Polatbekkyzy in the section "Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Modern Medicine", report topic: Possibilities of the cardio-respiratory system of students when adapting to motor loads.
The 4th year student Dzhangashkarova Aimira Kairatovna in the section "Public health and healthcare in the XXI century", report topic: Attitude of nurses and psychologists to HIV-positive children and adolescents in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Representatives of SSS Pharmacia M. Alimbatyrov, N. Anuarova, A. Imashev and A. Kamanova took part in the scientific conference in such sections as "Actual aspects of pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacology", "Humanitarian aspects of medical and pharmaceutical education", "Innovative approaches to improving drug supply for the population".

All participants were awarded certificates for participation, as well as articles and abstracts will be published in the scientific journal "Bulletin of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy".

And the representative of SSS Pharmacy Alimbatyrov Marlan was awarded a diploma for the best report.

Congratulations to all participants and wish you success and further victories!



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