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Have acquired the necessary skills

Have acquired the necessary skills

19 February 2021

Head of the Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry of the NJSC "Astana Medical University" A.M. Sumanovа, distance learning of 3rd year students of the School of Dentistry of the NJSC "Medical University of Karaganda" was carried out within the framework of academic mobility.

The period of online training is from 02.04.2021 to 02.16.2021. It took place in accordance with a cooperation agreement within the framework of academic mobility of university teachers, in the discipline "Cariesology and non-carious lesions of dental hard tissues."

The topics of the training sessions were devoted to the etiopathogenesis of dental caries, the analysis of the factors of caries susceptibility, caries resistance, clinical issues, differential diagnosis and treatment of various stages of dental caries. Algorithms for the surgical treatment of dental caries, including those with the use of modern composite filling materials, are considered.

Each lesson was accompanied by a presentation of illustrative material, demonstration of videos, and solution of clinical situational tasks. To consolidate the topic of the lesson, students learned to fill out medical documentation. Students expressed their gratitude to the teacher for the knowledge gained.



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