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The visit of the Vice Minister of Health A.G. Giniyat

The visit of the Vice Minister of Health A.G. Giniyat

02 March 2021

As part of a working visit to the Karaganda region, Vice Minister of Health Azhar Giniyat visited the NJSC "Medical University of Karaganda". On the trip, she was accompanied by the director of the Department of Science and Human Resources of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulnaz Tanatarova.

The first object of the visit was the University’s Clinic, the main areas of which are surgery and therapy. Rector of the Medical University of Karaganda, professor R.S. Dosmagambetova, accompanied by her colleagues, introduced the guests to the departments, the operating unit, and the intensive care unit. Modern medical and diagnostic equipment was presented.

The chief surgeon of the clinic, professor N.T. Abatov shared that every day his team performs up to 18 surgeries on cholecystectomy (surgical treatment of gallstone disease), for diseases of the lungs, liver (removal of echinococcal cysts), urological, ENT, gynecological profiles.

Doctors also undertake complex combined surgeries (for example, when the gallbladder and neoplasms in the pelvic area are removed). The advantage of this approach is that the patient undergoes two operations at once with the introduction of one anesthesia.

It was noted that the medical, diagnostic, and educational processes in the University’s Clinic are mainly carried out by the teaching staff of clinical departments. This allows the rational use of medical personnel (doctor, teacher, scientist - in one person), provides high material and professional motivation of employees. Also, the team is represented by doctoral students, undergraduates, university’s residents. 

In the clinic, consultations of complex, non-standard, comorbid patients are held on a regular basis, there is an opportunity to introduce our own and borrowed scientific developments.

Despite the modern equipment of the university’s clinic, there is a need for its further retrofitting, namely the purchase of a computer tomograph that could diagnose complex pathologies in patients at an early stage, and it is also necessary for training specialists in the direction of radiation diagnostics.

The university, according to the vice minister, works well in terms of clinical activities, medical care, worthy of the level of the republic. A. Giniyat was especially pleased with the successes of residents performing serious surgical operations. Such specialists, she noted, are required everywhere.

After the University’s Clinic, Vice Minister A. Giniyat visited the Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies, the Library and Publishing Center, the Research Center and met with the university staff. 



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