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Training of the KMU Faculty

Training of the KMU Faculty

05 April 2021

From 25 to 31 March 2021, a workshop on the topic "Training experts in assessment of the graduates’ competence (MCQ and clinical scenarios)" was held. In this workshop 87 medical teachers participated. The training was conducted by Olga Visternichan (MD, PhD, associated professor) and Galina Yeremicheva (MD, PhD, professor). Assessment of clinical competence of medical graduates, sustainability and viability of professional knowledge were discussed, such as important issues. All learners noted that the development of the ability of students to master the necessary competencies to be a healthcare professional. Also, the methodology of developing clinical scenarios and assessing practical skills, how to carry out expertize of curriculum, methodical materials, monitoring, and measuring means of training were learned. In feedback, the participants of this seminar noted the relevance of the topic, the availability of information provided, and the good organization of training.



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