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Moderntomographic scanner for the university’s clinic

Moderntomographic scanner for the university’s clinic

29 September 2021

Peculiar by its abilities computed tomographic scanner was established in the clinic of the Karaganda medical university. 

The device of this model is multispiral, of the latest generation, with the ability to perform 160 sections (number of revolutions per second) when examining almost all organs and parts of the body (and, if necessary, with the introduction of a contrast agent). In the study, the radiation load on the patient is minimal, - explains Ilya Kaneev, the doctor of radiation diagnostics at the NСJSC MUK clinic. - Based on the images received, doctors can plan their actions in advance, prescribe treatment in a timely manner, which significantly reduces the risk of complications and speeds up the recovery process. Among the advantages of this computed tomograph is the ability to examine a patient weighing up to 205 kg (thanks to the reinforced table of the apparatus and the wide aperture of the "tunnel"). The radiation loads of the apparatus are close to those that the patient receives during routine radiography.

 The equipment was purchased by Chevron as part of a large-scale program initiated by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan to provide humanitarian assistance to Kazakhstan in the fight against the pandemic. In total, such computed tomographic scanner were purchased for six medical organizations in the country. This step contributes to increasing the efficiency of the health care system, which is discussed in the Address of the Head of State K.K. Tokayev. 

The new computed tomographic scanner is the first not only in the university clinic, but also in Prishakhtinsk. Inpatients of the clinic, residents of the city under cancer quotas and within the framework of compulsory health insurance have the opportunity to undergo free diagnostics on the new device. And also tomography is available to everyone on a paid basis. 

In an interview with media representatives, Bibigul Tulegenova, deputy head of the Karaganda region health department, said that the computed tomography room of the university clinic would become the 26th in the Karaganda region, but the most unique in terms of the technical capabilities of the equipment. Earlier in the region there were difficulties with the examination of children, which required the use of anesthetic aid, but on the new CT machine it will not be necessary, due to the high speed of the study, which takes a minimum amount of time. Also, the new office will significantly relieve the rest and will bring closer the availability of medical care to residents of the Oktyabrsky district of Karaganda 

As the head physician of the university clinic Semyon Bobyrev noted, this is a long-awaited event for both doctors and university students. Interns and residents in the process of educational practice will be able to acquire skills in conducting diagnostic research on such modern high-tech equipment and describing its results. In turn, the doctors of the clinic will be able to provide medical care to patients admitted to hospital with even greater efficiency, expand the range of surgical operations and more actively introduce innovative technologies into the treatment process. 




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