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A culture of integrity

A culture of integrity

01 October 2021

On September 28, Karaganda Medical University took part in a meeting with leaders of youth movements, volunteer activists and university students in the PechaKucha (TedX) format as part of the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan to Promote the Culture of Integrity. The event was organized by the Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Anti-Corruption Service) in the Karaganda region and the project office “Сарыарқа - адалдықалаңы” together with the Department for Youth Policy. University Compliance Officer Alexandr Urmashov was the speaker of the meeting.

  Alexander Nikolaevich explained the basic concepts of academic integrity, the principles of the League of Academic Integrity, and also showed specific cases on minimizing corruption risks and reducing the level of academic dishonesty using the experience of Karaganda Medical University. It should be noted that this project is being implemented with the aim of forming an anti-corruption culture among young people, educating the younger generation and other social groups of the population.

  During the meeting, the compliance office carried out work on further interaction of the university with the project office “Сарыарқа - адалдықалаңы” and the Karaganda regional branch of the youth wing “Jas Otan” under the party “Nur Otan” in the field of ensuring transparent activities of the university.



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