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Spartakiad «The first-year student-2021»

Spartakiad «The first-year student-2021»

27 October 2021

The Spartakiad «The first-year student-2021» was held by the team of physical health center.

Vice-rector for academic work V.P. Riklefs had an opening speech while this event.

According to the results of the competition, the School of Dentistry became the winner of the Olympics, the second place was taken by the School of Nursing Education and the team of the School of Medicine took the third place. 

The IV place was shared by the teams of the School of Pharmacy and the team, which included students from the School of Public Health and Biomedicine, as well as the specialties "Pediatrics", "Nursing" and "IT medicine". The Spartakiad was organized, emotionally and brightly.

Congratulations to the winners and prize-winners of the competition!

Physical health center



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