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Good mission

Good mission

29 October 2021

We are indebted to the veterans and can try to make their life more joyful and enjoyable. People in old age, like no one else, need a caring attitude. With this in mind, the students of the 1-005 group studying on the educational program "Technology of pharmaceutical production" and teachers of the «MUK» NCJSC I.V. Loseva, M.Z. Kokzhalova continue their mission of caring for labor veterans.

This time our volunteers visited the homes of Alkenova Umut Sultanovna, Kiyasheva Tursun Zhakenovna, Tulegenova Zhumagul Musaevna, Miterev Vladislav Alexandrovich.

 Elderly people rejoiced at the attention shown and responded with cordiality. During friendly tea drinking, the students learned a lot about the work path of these honored people. It was evident that most of all our honored veterans were happy to have the opportunity to communicate with representatives of the younger generation. Sharing their impressions of the meetings, the volunteers noted that despite their old age, our veterans are cheerful in spirit; they have something to tell and to teach.



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