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Share the results of research in the field of COVID-19

Share the results of research in the field of COVID-19

01 November 2021

International scientific-practical conference "Contemporary Problems of Infectiology, Epidemiology, Microbiology and Medical Parasitology", organized by the Andijan State Medical Institute in cooperation with the Tashkent Medical Academy, in Honobad, Republic of Uzbekistan. 

The goal of the conference has traditionally been the integration of science, medical education and practical healthcare.

Our university was represented by research scientists: MD, Academician of the RAS, professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases Begaidarova Roza Khassanovna, PhD, associate professor Devdariani Khatuna Georgiyevna, PhD, associate professor Junussov Yerzhan Seipolovich and a young scientist, intern of 6-044 group of the School of Medicine Rakhmonov Mukhsin Murtazo Ugli.

Despite the epidemiological transition that took place at the end of the twentieth century in the morbidity structure of the world's population toward chronic infectious diseases, the problems of infectious pathology have not lost their relevance to the present day. For the past year and a half, the world has been living under pandemic conditions and global constraints. A new coronavirus infection has changed the lives of all the world's population. The reports of our scientists were devoted to the topical problem of modern healthcare - COVID-19.

Professor R.Kh. Begaidarova presented a report on "COVID-19-associated Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS) in Children". Associate Professor K.G. Devdariani reported on problems in rehabilitation in pediatric practice, "Medical Rehabilitation of Children after COVID-19". Associate Professor Ye.S. Junussov reported on the peculiarities of the current course of a new coronavirus infection in elderly patients in his report "Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics of the Course of COVID-19 in Patients over 19 years of age".

Intern M.M.Rakhmonov won a worthy third place in the competition of young scientists with his report "Clinical and Laboratory Features of the Course of COVID-19-associated Pneumonia in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus".

In addition, our scientists took part in most of the sections and participated in the discussion of the most pressing problems of infectiology.

We are sure that participation in such conferences will help to determine the main guidelines for further scientific and clinical activities, especially for young scientists and doctors.



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