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Excursion to Karkaraly

Excursion to Karkaraly

03 June 2022

On May 20 - 22, 2022, students, interns and teachers are participants in the work of the historical and local history circle of the Department of History of Kazakhstan have started the trip to Karkaraly and its surroundings by visiting History and Ethnography Museum. We are being shown a number of rather interesting artifacts reflecting the history of  region since the ancient times until  the 20th century. It was  a tools found by archaeologists (arrowheads, remains of vessels), utensils of the 18th - 19th centuries. We are also being demonstrated functioning gramophone of the early 20th century and even played the record on it!

  The prominent figures of Karkaraly land including Kazakh heroes of the USSR such as Nurken Abdirov, Martbek Mamraev, the first cosmonaut Tokhtar Aubakirov, writer Kasym Amanzholov, as well as many other figures of culture and science of Kazakhstan were bringing to our attention. Truly, this is a happy land! On the same day we have visited the monument of the Alashian intelligence installed a few years ago before entering the city. Also we listened to a short lecture on the history of the Alash movement.

   On the 20th of May we went up the mountains to the famous Big tent cave on the same day. Then as you go up a beautiful view of the landscape surrounding Karkaraly opens. It were a blue mountains and valleys, green pine forest, Big Lake. But the longest trip through the forest and the Karkaraly mountains took place the next day on Saturday. We walked along Pine Forest, climbed a steep rocky path to the mountain lake Pool,  in which some of us have been quick to plunge because the day was hot.

  In the evening we were waiting for interesting speeches by the guests of our circle in the Guest House of the center of Karkaraly where we were staying. Isina Zhuldyz is a master student from KEU who not only spoke about her work as a lawyer but also told about her travels around Karkaraly in the past. And then Dmitrachkova Marina  the 4th year students of KSTU named after A. Saginova in her presentation talked about participation in a competition to design the logo of her university, in which the student become the winner. The meeting participants rewarded the speakers with applause. Those who spoke that day were awarded diplomas for participating in the work of the historical and local history circle of our department. In the evenings we listened to songs with a guitar performed by Sabit Tashenov, Adel Abenova and our other already well-deserved members of the circle of the department.

  On Sunday 20th of May at the end of our hikes and excursions we walked around of the so-called Kalmyk rampart. It is a defensive structure of the 16th -17th centuries (as it is written in the Encyclopedia) which stretches along the tops of the hills for about 2.5 km. as enclosing the mountain forest part of the Karkaraly oasis from the steppe in the southwest.

  In all excursions and trips the assistant professor of the Department of Pathology E.A. Kotov took an active part and proved to be an experienced tourist and a reliable companion in such trips.

  In conclusion, it should be noted that this trip of the participants of the local history circle took place on the initiative of Adel Abenova who was the head of our circle throughout all the years of study at our university. According to the participants of this trip all excursions and trips were a success!

Assistant-Professor, the director of the local history club  A.B. Dolgopolov



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