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Round table

Round table

20 April 2023

On 18.04.2023 the Ministry of Health of the RK with the invitation of representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education conducted a round table on the issues regulating educational activities of higher and postgraduate education organizations. The Deputy Chairman of the Committee on quality assurance in the field of education of the МНВО RK Edilkhanov A. J. explained in detail the features of the new regulatory policy "Regulation from scratch". He explained that from now on all procedures of selection and planning of control measures will be automated, the risk levels of each ОВПО will be determined by the information system, without human factor. Accordingly, the responsibility of the heads of universities for the timeliness and objectivity of the data on the activities of the university, transmitted to the authorized bodies, increases many times.

Then, the head of Medical Education Department of Science and Human Resources of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan A. K. Izdenov clarified the peculiarities of regulatory legal documents governing medical education, together with colleagues discussed the implementation of integrated medical education program.



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