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Development of skills through a realistic clinical case

Development of skills through a realistic clinical case

24 January 2024

On January 17, 2024 under the guidance of Professor S.M. Kabieva an interdisciplinary class on TBL (Team-Based Learning) was held. One of the main advantages of the TBL method is the development of critical thinking.

The participants of the session were representatives of the teaching staff of the university, residents: cardiologists, rheumatologists, clinical pharmacologists.

The experts included: O.A. Ponomareva,  Head of the Department of Biomedicine, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, N.K. Dyusenbayeva, MD, Professor of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Evidence-Based Medicine, A.R.  Alina, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine, rheumatologist by profession,G.B. Zhiembayeva,  Deputy Director of PSSIC Multi-field Regional Children's Hospital, as well as randomly determined 2 representatives from residents.  

Clinical discussion of a complicated case was conducted in TBL format with the participation of two interdisciplinary teams. At the initial stage, a clinical case from real practice was presented to the residents by the patient's supervisors. The teams of residents then worked on the basis of the information received to solve the problem and discuss the answers. Along with the speaker's report, residents answered questions from the teachers in real time using the Padlet virtual board.

In the process of working with a real clinical case, residents actively discussed and analyzed different approaches, taking into account all aspects of the problem, they also held reasoned debates, discussed possible diagnoses, therapeutic approaches, and predictions. They learned to assess data reliability and make decisions based on scientific evidence. This allowed participants to understand better the complexity of theoretical knowledge and practical work for future successful professional activity.

The TBL method emphasizes team building and the development of teamwork skills. In the process of training, we learned to trust each other, interact effectively and share knowledge within the group. Teamwork encouraged us to share experiences, solve problems together and develop leadership skills.

An important part of the TBL learning process is feedback from the teachers and the development of individual student skills. At the end of the class, we received feedback that allowed us to understand our strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for further development.

Participating in the TBL program classes was a valuable experience that allowed me to acquire useful skills and improve my knowledge in medicine. Working with a realistic clinical case, developing critical thinking, teamwork and receiving feedback helped me become a more confident and competent healthcare professional. The TBL method is an effective approach to learning that helps students not only memorize facts, but also develop the skills necessary for future successful practice.



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