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The school of a young government employee of the city of Karaganda opens a set!
14 June 2021
The school of a young government employee is the first step towards achieving the goal. At school you have the opportunity not only to try yourself as a government employee, but also to…
05 May 2021
QR-code for direct transition to Telegram of JSC "Financial Center" FINCENTER bot, which shows all the necessary information related to working off grants.
12 April 2021
The International Academic Writing Competition «INSPIRED BY ADVANCEMENT» organized by International Medical Faculty of Karaganda Medical University for purpose of promoting scientific…
08 April 2021
The Languages Development Center within the framework of the program of the modernization of public consciousness “Rukhani zhangyru” holds the student’s scientific and practical…
20 March 2021
Karaganda Medical University invites for online training in pedagogical component for masters and physicians who completed residency program. This program is offered to candidates…
17 February 2021
The Languages Development Center of NC JSC “KMU” within the program “Rukhani Zhangyru ” holds an interuniversity scientific and methodological seminar on “Latin alipbiine koshu -…
Online competition - тоғыз құмалақ
05 February 2021
On 13-14.02.2021, the Physical Health Center holds an online competition - тоғыз құмалақ among the Faculty of the Karaganda Medical University. We invite those who wish to participate.…
Dear candidates who are interested in applying for doctoral programs in health care at the Medical University of Karaganda!
29 January 2021
In accordance with the "Model Rules for admission to education in educational institutions implementing educational programs of higher and postgraduate education" NAO "Medical University…
26 January 2021
Zhangeldy Shambetov’s online - defense to the thesis “Medical and social aspects of occupational morbidity in the regions of Western Kazakhstan” in candidacy for the degree of doctor of…
24 January 2021
On January 27 at 16.00 pm, an online meeting of KMU students with Zhan Akzhanov a writer, public figure, publicist, whose work describes the life and professionalism of medical workers,…
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