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Information for students

Information for students


Prior to the lesson:

ü   Students must leave coats in the cloakroom, bag and personal belongings in the CSET, to wear a gown and cap, removable shoes, (need to have disposable gloves, mask, wipes) and go to the training room with a lecturer/trainer practical skills in a strictly allotted time, according to the schedule submitted by the Department in CSЕT. Students are not allowed in the study room without a teacher/coach of the CSET.

During class:

ü  Do not use cell phones in classrooms (this will cause the mannequin program to fail). Cell phones should be turned off.

ü  Students who came to the practical classes unprepared, the coach of practical skills/teacher of the Department has the right to send a group to practice classes on Saturdays in the CSET.

ü  Practical skills trainer / teacher of the Department instructs students on the rules of working with a mannequin and medical instruments. It is forbidden to carry out any manipulations on the simulator yourself, turn on, turn off, download programs in computers without the presence of a teacher or employees of the CSET.

ü  In case of any malfunctions or breakdowns of simulators, dummies, computers, it is necessary to immediately inform the trainer of practical skills / employees of the CSET.

ü  Do not attempt to repair the fault yourself!

ü  During the break, students are not allowed to stay in the study room without a teacher.

ü  During the break, all students are outside the CSET. Exit on a break and return from a break is carried out according to the schedule of breaks in CSET.

ü  Be careful! When liquid is poured into the simulator or mannequin, damage to the internal components of the mannequin may occur.

ü  Be careful! During manipulations with the use of medical instruments, damage to the integrity of the mannequin may occur.

ü  Do not leave marks on the mannequin from a ballpoint pen, ink or markers.

ü  Do not use iodine or other similar solution while working on simulators and mannequins.

ü  When introducing any invasive device, use a water-based silicone spray.

After the end of classes:

ü  Must be carefully deduced from the simulator all the liquid.

ü   Clean up the workplace and check the integrity of the simulator or mannequin.

We kindly ask you to take care and not to spoil the training equipment and medical instruments.

A single violation of these rules, the Director of the CSO reserves the right to request a written explanation from the student of the reasons for the rules violation and to inform the teacher, head of Department and the University administration. In case of systematic violation of the rules, the University administration raises the question of applying disciplinary punishment to the student.


Dear students! Video surveillance is conducted.

Contact address:


Alalykina str., 7

Contact phone number:

 50-39-30 ( 1518)

*e-mail: Aimbetova@qmu.kz