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Dental Clinic

Date of foundation – September 2002

Aims: focus on the patient and provision of quality dental care using modern technologies, the formation of competitive advantage in Karaganda.


1. The patient-centered care - to provide an individual approach to each patient, showing care and compassion, be open to the problems of each patient

2. Service - communicates effectively with patients, clinical staff provides perfect dental services and promote a positive image.

3. Safety - reducing risk of occurrence disease, complications and progression of existing disease, screening and treatment for optimal using of available medical resources and technologies

4. Democracy - be open and honest; abide by professional ethics, to provide affordable service, the complexity of procedures.

5. Unity - understand and support each employee's contribution to the achievement of goals. To improve achievement of aims, it provided by high quality of clinic staff services

6. Innovation - the introduction of modern technologies and medical equipment on the basis of a dental clinic


Adress: 14 Alalykina Street, Karaganda

Phone Registry: +7(7212) 55 06 40

Hotline of patient support services and internal control:+ 7 (7212) 42-52-67

The clinic is open: Monday-Friday 8.00-18.00; Saturday - 9.00-14.00

Day off - Sunday

 e-mail: stomregistry@qmu.kz

Price list for charged services. Dental clinic services

Karaganda State Medical University

Dental clinic


If you have questions about the quality of health care contact us:

Helpline 8 /7212/ 42 52 67

  8 778 496 94 46

Tokubayeva Maigul Kuanyshevna,

Deputy of the head doctor, manager of PSICS

Dental clinic of KSMU: Alalykin street, 14

Tel.: 8 /7212/ 55 06 40, 42 52 67. Website: http.www.qmu.edu.kz

Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 18.00 Saturday: 9.00 – 14.00 Sunday: weekendі

Patient’s support and internal control service dental clinic of medical center of KSMU

In accordance with Article 58 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan  «About people 's health and the health care system», to improve the quality of service the population in Karaganda state Medical University’s dental clinic created SUPPORT PATIENT AND INTERNAL CONTROL SERVICE.

The purpose of PATIENT SUPPORT SERVICE – identification of problematic issuesand further improve the quality of medical care.

If you encounter problems, associated with order and the provision of quality of medical help, 
If you are faced with rough treatment from the medical staff, manifestations of corruption or violations, which are creating conditions for corruption, please, contact PATIENT SUPPORT SERVICE.

Patient support serviceconsider your appeal as soon as possible and no later than 5 calendar days will provide You information on the review of your appeal .

PATIENT SUPPORT SERVICE is located in the office №101.

“Hot phone” line: 8(7212) 42-52-67, 51-38-97 (interior1408), 8 778 496 94 46

You can contact with any question or leave your written request in a box "for complaints and suggestions” placed on the ground floor near the registry, write an appeal to the "Book of complaints and appeals"and/or send to our website http://www.qmu.edu.kz and fill out a questionnaire with suggestions for improvement.

We will be grateful to you for your reference, comments and suggestions, which will help us improve the quality of care in dental clinic of the medical center of KSMU.

The structure of the Support Service of patients and internal control:

·  Tokubayeva Maigul Kuanyshevna –  Deputy Chief Physician, Service Head

·  Tuleutayeva Svetlana Toleuovna –  head of the department of pediatric dentistry, accredited expert doctor ;

·  Tankibayeva Zhanar Gabitovna  –  head of the department of orthopedic and therapeutic dentistry ;

·  Sakenov Talgat Sagyndykovich –  Assistant of the Department of therapeutic and prosthetic dentistry, accredited expert doctor ;

·  Kaliyeva Sholpan Sabatayevna –head of the department of clinical pharmacology and evidence-based medicine ;

·  Muhatzhanova Raishan Batbekovna  – epidemiologist in infection control;

·  Azarova Nadezhda Georgievna – Head of Public Relations Service.



Consultation and diagnosis - an individual approach


·  Treatment of uncomplicated dental caries

·  Treatment of complicated caries

·  Tooth Restoration

·  Art restoration of teeth

·  Teeth Laminating

·  Professional oral hygiene


·  Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa

·  Treatment of periodontal disease

·  Removal of supragingival and subgingival dental plaque

·  Ozone therapy

·  Hydromasage


·  Exodontia

·  Removing retention cysts

·  Plastic vestibule of mouth (tongue-tie and upper lip)

·  Outpatient surgery maxillofacial

Teeth implantology

·  Installation of dental implants

·  implant prosthesis


·  Prosthesis with partial and complete absence of teeth - removable and non-removable prosthetics

·  Prosthesis for defects of hard dental tissues - tabs pin teeth, veneers

·  Prosthetics in pathological abrasion of teeth - mouth guards, devices

Pediatric Dentistry

·  remineralizing dental therapy

·  Treatment of caries of deciduous teeth and their complications

·  Treatment of caries in permanent teeth and their complications

·  Tooth Restoration

·  Professional oral hygiene

·  Preventive measures


·  Malocclusion

·  Correction of abnormal positions of individual teeth with braces system and adapted removable constructions

·  Troubleshooting dentofacial anomalies children with congenital disorders of the maxillofacial region

X-ray diagnostics

·  dental X-ray study by the digital computer system Dexis (RAY)


·  Galvanisation + electrophoresis

·  UHF-therapy

·  Darsonvalization

·  ultrasound therapy

·  Bioptronotherapy

·  UV-therapy

Dental care within the guaranteed volume of free medical care.

Dental care within the guaranteed free medical care (SBP) is a clinic attached to the population to LLP GC PHC Karaganda in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 15, 2009 № 2136 "On approval of the list of guaranteed free health care":

·  Emergency dental care (acute pain) to socially vulnerable categories of the population (children under 18 years of age, pregnancy, veterans of the Great Patriotic War invalids 1, 2, 3 groups, mothers with many children, awarded pendants "Altyn alka", "Kumis alka"; recipients of targeted social assistance, retirement pensioners): anesthesia, preparation and Seals composite chemical curing, tooth extraction with anesthesia, periostotomiya, opening abscesses.

·  Routine dental care for children and pregnant women (except orthodontic and orthopedic) in the direction of a specialist, including tooth extraction using anesthesia, preparation and Seals composite chemical curing.

·  Maintenance inspections of the oral cavity in children attached to the GC PHC TOO Karaganda preschool educational institutions, pupils of secondary organizations, women embarked on the pregnancy registry.

Attached to the LLP GC PHC Karaganda preschool educational institutions, students of secondary educational organizations (Application tab to the contract - a list of schools and preschool institutions)


 to the contract № 0390505/2

1.  SI "High School number 2" 60 Lenin Str.

2.  SI "Gymnasium № 3” 25 Peace Avenue

3.  SI "School № 41" 37a N.Abdirova Str.

4.  SI "School № 63" 26 Loboda Str.

5.  SI "Gymnasium № 38" 30A  Abdirov Avenue

6.  "Duman" 48a Erubaev Str.

7.  "Flashlight" 8 Loboda Str.

8.  "Clove" 11 Loboda Str.

9.  SI "Regional Specialized Boarding School of Nurmakov" 36/2Alikhanov Str.

10.  SI "Professional school № 34" 45Volgodonsk Str.

11.  SI "Regional specialized boarding school for gifted children" Murager 46a Gogol Str.

12.  SI "Gymnasium № 1" 6 Peace Avenu

13.  SI "Gymnasium № 92" 43A Erubaev Str.

14.  "Gauhar" 48/4 Abdirov Str.

Orthodontic care for children of Karaganda and Karaganda region with congenital disorders of the maxillofacion using the apparatus for removing dentoalveolar anomalies (orthodontic plate).

aPaid dental services

Paid dental clinic provides services according to the price list (redirect to page "Price list of dental clinic services)

Students Reception

Student’s admission (medical, surgical, orthopedic, techniques, according to price list) under the guidance of the faculty of the dental departments is carried out for all categories of students and staff of KSMU with a discount of 50% of the cost.

Benefits for dental services:

·  KSMU students, medical residents, undergraduates, PhD students, staff KSMU - 20% discount of medical and surgical dentistry (for all kinds of treatment, disposal);

·  Students of KSMU, medical residents, undergraduates, PhD students, staff KSMU - 20%

·  For all categories of students and staff of KSMU, the population receive 50% of the cost of services under the direction of the reception staff of the department (therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, receptions, according to price list);

·  For the patient, who for years served on the medical and surgical admission in the amount of more than 100 000 tenge, provided discounts of 5%, more than 150 000 tenge - 10%, except for patients above in this FG3). For services in implantology, orthopedics, orthodontics at a discount of 5% (therapeutic and surgical treatment) a discount of 2.5% of the cost of services pri10% - 5%. The discount is valid for 2 years, provided that the patient continues treatment in an amount not less than 100 000-150 000 tenge;

·  Orphans studying at KSMU - services therapeutic and surgical dentistry - free (all kinds of treatment, disposal);

·  Retirements, disabled groups I and II, war veterans - a discount of 10% of the cost of services (for all kinds of treatment, disposal);

Dental Clinic holds shares on reception of patients at a discount, dedicated to national and international festivals:

I. Discount actions devoted to the national and international holydays:

1.  01.03 – 07.03.2016 – International Women’s Day - 20% discount on therapeutic and surgical treatment for women.

2.  14.03-19.03.2016 – World Oral Cavity Health Day - 10% discount on therapeutic and surgical treatment for all patients of the clinic.

3.  04.04 – 09.04.2016 – World Health Day (7 April) –10% discount on therapeutic and surgical treatment for all patients of the clinic.

4.  02.05. – 07.05.2016 – Defender’s Day and Victory Day  – free treatment for veterans of GPW (orthopedic treatment from 25.04.2015),  50% discount for all kinds of treatment for home front workers (orthopedic treatment from 25.04.2015), except implant ology and orthodontics; 20% discount on therapeutic and surgical treatment for men.

5.  30.05. – 04.06.2016 – Children’s Day – free professional examination and training on hygiene of oral cavity.

6.  13.06 – 18.06.2016 – Health Worker’s Day - 20% discount on therapeutic and surgical treatment for all health workers of Karaganda city.

7.  22.08 – 27.08.2016 – Miner’s Day –20% discount on therapeutic and surgical treatment for all miners of Karaganda city.

8.  26.09 – 01.10.2016 – Teacher’s Day –20% discount on therapeutic and surgical treatment for all teachers of Karaganda city.

II. Discount actions:

From 05.01 – 31.01.2016, 1.02 – 29.02.2016 if any medical grounds

ü  treatment of the 2nd tooth  - 5% discount

ü  treatment of the 3rd and more teeth–5% discount

Free removal of dental plaque