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The Occupational Health Clinic

The Occupational Health Clinic

The Occupational Health Clinic is part of the Institute of Public Health and Occupational Health of "Medical University of Karaganda" NCJSC of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and coordinates the professional pathology service of the republic.

To provide specialized medical care to patients suffering from occupational diseases, a hospital with 105 beds (60 beds in the occupational health clinic in Karaganda) will be deployed.

The structure of the occupational health clinic is represented by the following departments:

- professional therapy - 30 beds;

- professional neurology - 30 beds;

- consultative and diagnostic department, hospital-replacing department for 3 beds, 20 beds, financed under an economic contract;

- coordination and analytical department.

Mission - high-quality medical care using modern technologies.

The goal is to provide affordable qualified, specialized, occupational and rehabilitation medical care to the population, using modern and innovative technologies.


An effective system for providing high-quality primary health care, consultative and diagnostic, occupational pathology, and rehabilitation medical care with its simultaneous modernization, increased accessibility and high economic profitability.

MOTTO: we give people confidence in the future, improving their quality of life.

Our values:

·  Patient;

· Balance and professionalism;

·  Security;

· Respect for traditions;

· Teamwork and effectiveness;

· Trust and responsibility.

Our values ​​are the set of principles that guide our purpose, which is based on relationships with patients, between employees, with partners and society as a whole.

Our operating principles:

For patients:

· Patient-oriented, i.е. perception of patients and their families as partners in the treatment process;

sincere desire to help each patient;

· providing patients with access to information about the nature, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, assisting patients in making decisions that affect their health and well-being;

Impartiality, truthfulness and sincerity in the provision of medical care;

Striving to meet the expectations of patients and their families.

For staff:

team interaction of highly qualified specialists in the provision of medical care;

· active participation of each employee in the work of the unit, as well as encouragement of personal initiatives;

Strict observance of the principle of continuity in the treatment of patients;

constant interest in the professional growth of each employee;

Maintaining and developing corporate culture.

For partners:

· continuous striving to provide quality medical services by improving processes that ensure quality: professional excellence, quality of service, development of innovative technologies, quality of management;

· Continuous monitoring and reporting on services and quality standards, studying patient satisfaction with the quality of services provided.

For society:

work for the benefit of mankind - the preservation and improvement of the health of the population, the improvement of the quality of life, the prevention of occupational diseases;

supporting the communities in which we live and work;

the desire to change the work of the unit in response to changing needs of society;

· Improving the system of occupational health protection of the working population to extend working longevity.

Strategic directions of the occupational health clinic:

1. Strengthening the health of the population of the industrial regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2. Improving the efficiency of managing the occupational pathology service in the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

The main priorities of the work of the occupational health clinic are:

study of the basics of the formation and management of the health of workers;

· development of prevention and early diagnosis, timely and effective treatment of occupational diseases, diagnostic standards, treatment of occupational diseases;

· participation in the development of regulatory legal acts and scientific and technical documents in the field of occupational health, toxicology and occupational diseases, sanitary and hygienic well-being of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main directions of the occupational health clinic:

- provides a guaranteed volume of free medical care for the provision of specialized medical care to patients suffering from occupational diseases;

- conducts an examination of the relationship of the disease with the profession;

- supervises the occupational pathology service of the republic and is the organizational and methodological center for providing occupational pathology assistance to the population of the republic;

- provides practical assistance to healthcare organizations in conducting mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations of persons working in harmful and dangerous working conditions, as well as in complex and conflict cases that arise during mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations, conducting an examination on professional suitability;

- carries out therapeutic rehabilitation measures for persons with high risk factors for the development of diseases of occupational pathology and develops preventive programs for those working in harmful and dangerous working conditions.

Highly specialized doctors are proficient in the methods of endoscopic and ultrasound diagnostics, determination of respiratory function and ECG, audiometry and electromyography, diagnosis of genetically determined and allergic diseases, determination of heavy metal salts in bioenvironments and detection of a wide range of occupational and household allergens.

The professional health clinic uses the most modern methods for diagnosing diseases of the bronchi and lungs, gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary tract, skin, cardiovascular, nervous and urinary systems.

The Occupational Health Clinic provides a guaranteed volume of free medical care and compulsory medical insurance to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the expense of budgetary funds and includes preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical services that have the highest proven effectiveness in accordance with the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Administration of the Occupational Health Clinic

Acting Chief Physician: Asanova Aigul Mazhitovna

Schedule of reception of citizens on personal matters: weekly Tuesday from 16:00-17:00

Head of the Consultative and Diagnostic Department - Ph.D. Akynzhanova Saule Akynzhanovna, tel: 8 (7212) 50-39-30 (add. 1545),

Head of the Department of Occupational Therapy - Ph.D. Boyko Lyubov Alexandrovna tel: 8 (7212) 50-39-30 (add. 1542),

Head of the Department of Professional Neurology - Fazylova Mangaz-Dana Aitkozhaevna, tel: 8 (7212) 50-39-30 (add. 1543),

Head of the Patient Support and Internal Control Service - Svetlana Ivanovna Volchanskaya tel: 8 (7212) 50-39-30 (add. 1847).

Hotline phone: 8 (7212) 50-06-41


 Our address:

Karaganda city, Mustafina street, 15.

Stop: 32 quarter, buses 43, 53, 29, 13, 07

Registry phones: 8 (7212) 56-21-11, 8 (7212) 50-06-45.