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The Department of Biomedicine

The Department of Biomedicine

The Department of Biomedicine

The Department of Biomedicine was founded in 2020 as a result of the merger of three departments: biological chemistry, biology and microbiology

Head of department: candidate of medical sciences, associate professor D.A. Klyuev

Professors of the department: candidate of chemical sciences, Bibigul Bagdatovna Rakhimova, candidate of medical sciences Saule Baltabaevna Akhmetova , candidate of biological sciences Neila Ulanovna Tankibaeva , candidate of chemical sciences Tursyngali Sagatbekovich Omarov , candidate of biological sciences professor Gulnar Akzambekovna Omarova ;

Associate Professor of the Department: candidate of medical sciencesGalia Amirbekovna Abdulina, candidate of medical sciences Ludmila Grigorjvna Filatova, PhD Ilya A. Belyaev, candidate of medical sciences, Olga Anatolyevna Ponamareva, candidate of chemical sciences Elena Vyacheslavovona Burdelnaya, candidate of chemical sciences Zhanar Kabdulmalikovna Tuhmetova, , candidate of biological sciences Elena Vladimirovna Pozdnyakova, candidate of biological sciences Aigul Maratovna Murzataeva, candidate of chemical sciences Gaukhar Khabdolda, candidate of chemical sciences  Zhanar Kabdulmalikovna Tukhmetova, PhD Evgenia Aleksandrovna . Kolesnikova, candidate of biological sciences Turdalievna Esilbaeva Bayan, candidate of biological sciences Svetlana Aleksandrovna Dzhangildinova, candidate of biological sciences Valery Vladimirovich Britko, candidate of biological sciences Bayan Nesterovna Dyusenbekova, candidate of biological sciences Bakit Magzumbekovna Salimbaeva ;

Assistant Professor of the Department: candidate of medical sciences Andrew Mikchayilovich. Belyaev , candidate of medical sciences Islambek Karilhan , candidate of biological sciences Aigul Eleshovna Medetova, Master Elena Stepanovna Tatina, Master Lyudmila Andreevna Demidchik, Master Kaliyeva Guljan Tusupzhanovna, Gulnar Tokenovna Kolebaeva, Layla Bakytzhanovna Aytisheva, Natalia Alekseevna Tchaikovskaya, Antonina Borisovna Nikolaeva , Zhanbolat;

Teachers of the department: candidate of biological sciences Julia Erikovna Zakharova , Master Beynikova Irina Vasilyevna, Master Aygerim Bolatbaevna Auasheva , Master Asylgul Suleimen , Master Kuttykyz Nomozovna Kuvatbaeva , Master Aidan Suyunshibaevna Erubaev , Master Madina Ilyasovna Zhunusova ,

A great deal of work on the organization of the educational process is carried out by laboratory assistants and office managers of the department A.V. Eroshina. J. B. Maidekin, L.B. Zhanbyrsheeva, A.E. Baikenova, A.I. Zhandarbekova, Zulkarnaeva E.F. , Kalymanov I.V., Krasnova L.I., Salivonik E.M., Mynbaeva A.T., Tolegenova A.I.

Teaching at the department is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English.

For the author's programs in elective disciplines developed by the staff of the department, certificates of registration of intellectual property objects were obtained. Textbooks have been developed and published , which are actively used in the educational process

The staff of the department takes part in academic mobility. Within the framework of academic mobility, lecturers from the Russian Federation, Georgia and Turkey were invited to deliver lectures and conduct practical classes . The teaching staff of the department went to Turkey (Erzurum) under the Mevlana program .

At the department, master's and doctoral dissertations are carried out in various fields, and the department's staff also advises PhD theses for doctoral students of other departments

The department continues to rich scientific tradition of research in the following areas: the study of the biochemical mechanisms of pathological processes , molecular cell research in health and disease , the study of the immune status of workers when exposed to beryllium and its compounds; study of the functional state of persons working in hazardous industries and living in ecologically unfavorable regions .

The staff of the department took part in the implementation of projects according to the plan of fundamental research of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Molecular-cellular, systemic changes in a growing organism under the action of hydrazine derivatives and alimentary imbalance. Development of methods of non-drug correction "(2003-2005)," Molecular-cellular, systemic changes in a growing organism under the action of hydrazine derivatives and nutritional imbalance. Development of methods of non-drug correction "(2006-2008); " Molecular - cellular mechanisms of the development of kidney pathology in arterial hypertension" MES RK (2009-2011), "Molecular mediators of the progression of diffuse and interstitial lung lesions" (2012-2014); "Molecular-cellular mechanisms of chronic renal failure" MES RK (2013-2015). "Characterization of cell- proteomic interactions as factors in the development and course of resistant and severe pneumonia" and " Ecdiphitis in the complex treatment of iron deficiency anemias in women of fertile age."

According to the results of scientific research, the staff of the department published more than 10 monographs, more than 300 publications, including in publications included in the indexed databases of the RSCI, Scopus , Thomson-Reuter , etc. Pre -patents and innovative patents, certificates of registration of intellectual property objects were received . The staff of the department made scientific reports at international conferences in Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Georgia, Turkey. The teachers of the department conduct master classes on the commercialization of research results. The department has a student scientific circle. The results of scientific research of students are reported in republican and international student conferences and published in scientific journals.