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The subdepartment of Kazakhstan history and social and political disciplines

The subdepartment of Kazakhstan history and social and political disciplines



         Ertysbayev  E. K. the advisor to the President of Kazakhstan on political issues  left this Department for big politics. In 1988 – 1989 A. Beysenbayev worked in KSMI, who later was the press Secretary of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  It is should be mentioned the veterans of the Great Patriotic War teachers such as:

 Popov D. A., Ryzhova A. P. and Shafir I. G. who worked hard at the Institute for many years.

At present time the Department is headed by MSc Nikiforova Svetlana Andreevna. The Department employs one doctor of philosophical Sciences Professor Mirzabekova A. S and also the candidate of philosophical Sciences associate professors such as: Temirgaliev K.A.. Malybaeva B. S, Omarov T. D., Lapshin V. N. and PhD. Akhmetova G. E.

  The are masters Meyramova N.A., Aliyeva M. T., Osintseva Y. G., Rysbekova B.B.,Lamanova A.S., Zhunusova K.K., Zhumanbaeva Z.K, Kusainova M.A., Ospanova Zh.B., Ospanova M.B., Aliyeva G.G., Mingisheva N.A., Aralbay S.M., Zholomanova A.H.,Bitenova B.S., Galina G.F., Kovtun O.A. andAlipbekova G.B.  More than 30 years working at the University Loman N.F.  and was awarded the Honorary diploma of the Minister of health, Grateful letter of the Minister of health, medal “Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn Tauelsyzdygyne 25 zhyl”  and Merekelyk medal.

Assistant Professor  Dolgopolov A.B. awarded the lapel badge “Honorary worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. For more than 20 years, assistant Professor Abdrakhmanova  K.Zh. has been successfully working at the department.



In 2020, the faculty of the department included teachers of psychological disciplines.

Currently, the Department conducts training in the following disciplines: Contemporary   history of Kazakhstan, Module of social and political knowledge (including Sociology, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Psychology), Philosophy, Fundamentals of Scientific Thinking, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption Culture, Fundamentals of Law and Anti-Corruption Legislation, Management Psychology, Pharmaceutical Ethics and Professional Communication Skills.

  Innovations in the learning process are demonstrated through the prism of tradition. On Contemporary history of Kazakhstan students together with teachers create videos, visit the regional local lore museum, the memorial dedicated to the victims of political repressions, museum “Karlag” in Dolinka village, also make trips to the sacred places of Saryarka and excursions to  Nur-Sultan city.

  Video lectures and recordings of practical classes are available on the YouTube KMU site.

  The teaching staff of the department regularly organizes and conducts student interdisciplinary, interuniversity, international scientific-theoretical, scientific-practical, online conferences and teleconferences, competitions. Under the guidance of teachers of the department, more than 120 theses and articles of students, including articles of RSCI, have been published in conference proceedings and journals of international, national and regional levels.

  Teachers of the department have more than 20 certificates of state registration of rights to the object of copyright. They have published more than 150 articles and theses in various publications (including CCES, Scopus and RSCI) and published more than 30 monographs, textbooks, educational manuals and study guides.

  Teachers of the department have repeatedly moved on academic mobility to the Universities of Kazakhstan.

 Active scientific-methodical educational activities are carried out by employees of the Department as representatives of various public organizations such as the scientific expert group of APK of Karaganda region and members of the educational Council of the University.