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School of public health
School history and staff


The faculty was founded in 1959. In 1963, the Dean of the Sanitary and Hygienic Faculty which was headed by a specialist in the field of food hygiene was created Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor - Mamas Nikolay Nikiforovich. In connection with the training of specialists at various faculties, since September 2013 the faculty has been called the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy. In September 2017 the faculty was called the Faculty of Public Health, Biology and Pharmacy. In the 2017-2018 academic year, the dean's office was called the "Faculty of Public Health, Biology and Pharmacy."

Since September 2018, the Faculty of Public Health, Biology and Pharmacy has been transformed into the “School of Public Health and Pharmacy”, and in September 2019, the School of Public Health and Pharmacy was renamed to the School of Public Health, Biomedicine and Pharmacy


Students at the faculty are trained on the following specialties: Public Health, Biology, IT- medicine

 master’s (scientific, pedagogical and profile fields). Training of specialists in these specialties is carried out on credit technology

The school is a structural unit of the Public Health and Occupational Health Institute, and it is a training scientific and administrative department of MUК, providing professional training of undergraduate education, leading scientific, methodological and practical work. The School is organizing the training of specialists in a pure form of teaching.

The location of the School of Public Health  and Biomedicine: Karaganda, Gogol str. 40 room.113

Opening hours of the school of Public Health and Biomedicine:

From Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00

Hours of admission of students of the school of Public Health  and  Biomedicine :

From Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 18:00

Professor and teaching staff

1.Zhakenova Saule Rakhimzhanovna- Candidate of Medical Science, Professor, Head of the educational program for the provision of training 6B10106-Public Health.

2.Kulov Dusentai Barkenovich - doctor of medical sciences, professor

3.Kayupova Gaukhar – PhD, Associate Professor

4.Galaeva Aza Issaevna - Candidate of Medical Sciences,Associate Professor

5.Karshalova Gulden Vladimerovna - assistant professor

6.Shintaeva Nurzhamal Utebaevna – Master,assistant professor.

7.Zhamantayev Olzhas Kenzhegaliyevich - Master of Public Health.

8.Janalina Gulmira Alievna- Master,teacher

9.Aldanova Zhuldyz Aymanovna – Master, teacher

10.Blyalova Ainagul Kairbekovna - Master, teacher

11.Kenzhekeeva Mayra Kuanyshbekovna – teacher

12. Yerdessov Nurbek Zharkinovizh- Master, teacher

13.Shaizadina Fatima Meirkhankyzy – Candidate of Medical Sciences,professor

14.Aliysheva Nesipkul Orintaevna – Master, assistant professor

15.Beysekova Mauza Maralovna – assistant professor

16.Omarova Alua Oralovna – PhD, Associate Professor

17.Mendibay Saltanat Tanashkyzy- teacher

18.Abuova Gaziza – Master, assistant professor

19.Kazybaeva Altyn Halelovna - office manager

20.Konabaeva Altangul Kenbaevna - office manager

21.Kalishev Marat - Professor, Head of Educational Module «Environment and health module»

22.Prize Vladimir - Professor Emeritus

23.Plyssovskaya Svetlana – Professor

24.Talieva Gulbanat - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

25.Efimova Aksana - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

26.Amreeva Kymbat - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

27.Abitayev Darkhan - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

28.Rogova Svetlana - Assistant Professor

29.Churekova Valentina – teacher

30.Shaikhina Zhanat – Master, teacher

31.Zhienbekova Asem - Master of Public Health, trainee teacher